Machine production of balls


<br />We have 3 balls of different sizes making machines, and can produce 4000 pcs hour 0.15000 pcs hour 0.25000 pcs h.<br /><br />Machine we have passed ISO9001, and certificates of CE, the export to the United States, Canada, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and even on.we formualtion can be supplied from the production quality of the balls of different machines.<br /><br />We have a full line of machine automatic production line, you only need 3-5 working staff, the area of the shop and factory are in need of only 300-1000 square meters.<br /><br />Strike are the details of the introduction of the line balls resolution:<br /><br /><br /><br />S 406 machine colors:<br /><br />Die cylinder speed :0 -5 rpm<br /><br />Size of the roller die: 103 152mm<br /><br />The amount of diver: 10 5 each side<br /><br />A single dose ml :0 -2 Epiphany standard<br /><br />0-3 ml spical ordered<br /><br />Total power: 3.5kw<br /><br />Total size: 800 640 1900<br /><br />Weight: 900 kg<br /><br />Is cooled by cooling the drums of cold water is an integral<br /><br /><br /><br />Productivity of the equipment:<br /><br />35,000 capsules hour 8 OV 4 rpm<br /><br />15,000 capsules hour 0.68 inch

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