Concealed hinge for


Council of Ministers<br />Installation of furniture; furniture hinge, hinged cabinet, door hinge, two way stop; stop secreted; the inclusion of the hinge;<br /><br />Description<br />Item No.: YS-261<br />Concealed Hinge<br />Method: Two of the road, and the inclusion of, C 15<br />Material: Iron<br />Open angle: 105-110<br />Cup diameter: 35mm<br />Cup Length: 11.5mm<br />Finishing: 45mm48mm<br />Packing: Nickel-plated or zinc plated<br />OEM Service: Available<br /><br /><br />Note<br />1. Full overlay, half overlay, inset available.<br />2. Mounting plates of various designs are available in different heights.<br />3. Two holes for the panel to panel and four available slots.<br />4. Self-trapping screws and bolts are available with euro extra fee.<br />5. And warmly welcomed the OEM.<br /><br /><br />Quality control<br />Esperanza, Co., Ltd. has a strict system of quality control, because we believe that good quality is one of the basic elements of survival.<br />Has been implemented comprehensive measures in each process of product design, raw materials and a half of production, and finished products to final delivery.<br />1. IQC: are inspected carefully before manufacture of the materials received;<br />2. IPQC: The subject product of each step of the production rigorous testing to ensure the required level;<br />3. FQC: is the final inspection before they are shipped products;<br /><br /><br />About the company<br />As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Esperanza Ltd. operates in the production, purchase and marketing of equipment and furniture in the building all over the world.<br />At the present time, and we look forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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