Insulating oil filter vacuum


Series Vacuum Oil-filter This kind of vacuum oil-filter has combined original design, compact structure, light and flexible features, low power consumption, high effect, and convenient operation together. Besides, adding high effective impurities-absorbers during the testing period can filtrate water, impurity, and harmful gas, and also improve products’ quality and dielectric strength. The main technical indexes: Capacity of oil-purifying: 30、50、100L/min Working rated pressure:500kPa Working vacuum degree: ≤99kPa Limit vacuum degree :<100kPa Remaining water:≤5ppm Puncture voltage ≥50kV(electrode gap:2.5mm) Air content:below0.5% Impurity:≤5μm Heating power:2×2;2×3;2×3.5;2×4KW

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