Zirconium carbide ZrC


Carbides are refractory firm substances, insoluble in none of known solvents. Borum carbides and silicon carbides (В4С and SiC), titanium, tungsten, zirconium (TiC, WC and ZrC accordingly) have high hardness, heat resistance, chemical inertness. Carbides are applied in manufacture of cast iron and steels, ceramics, various alloys, as abrasive and grinding materials as reducers, deoxidants, catalysts, etc. WC and TiC are a part of firm alloys from which cutting tool is produced; calcium carbide CaC2 is used for acetylene reception; grinding circles and other abrasives are produced from silicon carbide SiC (carborundum); iron carbide Fe3C (cementite) is a part of cast irons and steels, powders used at thermal spraying are produced from tungsten carbide and chrome carbide. Tantalum carbide (TaC) Titanium carbide (TiC) Vanadium carbide (VC) Niobium carbide (NbC) Zirconium carbide (ZrC) Silicon carbide (carborundum) (SiC)

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