Zinc Sulfate zinc sulphate Heptahydrate


Zinc Sulfate (zinc sulphate) Heptahydrate Feed Grade/ Agriculture Grade /Technical Grade Zinc (Zn) 21.8%min Lead (Pb) 0.001%max Arsenic (As) 0.0005%min Cadmium (Cd) 0.001%max Granularity: crystal -40mesh 1) Name: Zinc Sulfate (zinc sulphate)Heptahydrate crystal 2) Main Content: 98%min 3) CAS No.: 7446-20-0 4) EINECS No.: 231-793-3 5) Molecular Formula: ZnSO4•7H2O 6) Molecular Weight: 287.54 7) Export Experiences: since 1995 8) Annual Productions: 50000mt 9) FOB Price: US $400~600/mt 10) Minimum Order Quantity: 20mt 11) Payment: L/C at sight, 10% advance + T/T after B/L copy. 12) Delivery time: 20 days after recieved the order. 13) Port: Huangpu, Guangzhou 14) a listing big company 15) large production base 16) high quality, reasonable price and best after-sale service The Appearance of Zinc Sulfate (zinc sulphate) Heptahydrate: Colorless or white crystal, granule or powder odorlessness. The Usage of Zinc Sulfate (zinc sulphate) Heptahydrate: 1, Agriculture usage: trace element of fertilizer and enhance of pesticide. 2, Feed usage: zinc supplements in feed processing, trace element of mineral substance. 3, Industrial usage: mainly used for manufacture of lithopone, man-made fibers, electrolytic industry, electroplate inorganic pigment industry and mining industry. 4, Medicine usage: In medicine treatment it used as astringent, emetic, nutritious supplements The Packing and Storage of Zinc Sulfate (zinc sulphate) Heptahydrate: Net 25, 50, 1000kgs plastic woven bags or paper bags, stored in ventilated dry place.

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