Reclaimed yellow pine floors


<br />Product Description<br />Product specifications<br />Types of wood: yellow pine reclaimed<br />Source: America<br />Thickness: 12 mm top layer: 3.0 mm<br />Width: 125mm shells<br />Length: 305-1220 mm<br />Color: F6042E34<br />Grade: AB<br />Finish: Painted UV<br />Construction: Multi-Layer<br />Surface treatments: wired and brushed<br /> Per carton: 19.69 1.83<br />Installation: Glue, float or nail down<br /><br /><br />Available information:<br />Color: more options<br />Width: 125mm shells<br />Length: 305mm --- 1220mm<br />Thickness: 12mm, 15mm cut<br />Shell thickness: 3.0mm<br /><br />Surface treatments: hand-scraped, wire brushed, distressed<br />Finish: Painted UV<br /><br /><br />Product feature<br />Directory antiseptic and moisture, and antagonism, materials evenly.

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