Enamelled copper clad aluminum wires


<br />Detailed Product Description<br />Feature enameled wire<br />High adhesiveness. solderable<br />Thermal stability.<br /><br />1.PERFORMANCE:<br />The polished copper wire and aluminum clad excellent flexibility and scratch resistance, and adhesion, and electrical properties and characteristics of resistance to solvents.<br /><br />2.Detailed Product Description:<br />Product: Enameled CCA<br />Enameled aluminum wire EAL<br />Polished copper wire ECU<br />Copper clad aluminum wire CCA<br />Tires: Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire Mobile: 012-0 0.90 mm<br />Enameled aluminum wire EAL: 0.13 - 2.5 mm<br />Polished copper wire: 0.10 - 2 0.0 mm<br />Copper clad aluminum wire CCA: 0.12 - 2 0.5 mm<br />pertage copper in weight is 30 -40<br />Insulating materials: polyester, polycarbonate, polyester, imide<br />Form: QA Pew, QZ UEW and QZY<br />Category: 130155180<br />Tickness insulation: 0.007 - 0.0090mm<br />Number of basic: one<br />Form materialsRound<br />Conductor: 0.003<br />Elongation: 5 -10<br />Tensile strength: 172Mpa<br />Paint: 1736s<br />Paint coating mm: .010 - 0 .060<br />Packing: Carton<br /><br /> Standard<br />Manufacturing standard: IEC Standard Asreference<br />ISO9001: 2000 Systerm quality management<br />Polished copper wire Alumimum dressed Mobile and authenticate ROHT<br />Enameled wire Mobile, enamelled copper wire, EAL, CCA and the endorsement of SGS

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