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<br />Site Design LED Goods<br />Name: Chinese English Others<br />Language: C net<br />Database: MSSQL MySQL ACCESS<br /><br />Services:<br />Year of service support Internet technology, it is free of all;<br />2.Host by us, and can be maintained on the site by us, such as databackup, and anti-virus, and recovery in the first time, and so on;<br />knowledges and expertise on promoting the site, and can be shared with you the process;<br />Best reduce operational risk and your costs, we can build partnerships with you, and to work together on the site;<br />Designed by:<br /><br />Functions:<br />1.Unlimited product classification and without classification.<br />Attributes and characteristics of for a single item.<br />Sort has a different membership discounts are different.<br /> Retail price current price in the market, and member only view the discounted price at a time.<br />5.Best-selling products, and new arrivals, and recommended products, and selling products feature on the home page.<br /><br />Saler, please call for more details and functions

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  • Shipping Type: EMS
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 5-8 Days

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  • Sample: No
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  • Price(Per Piece): N/A
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