Set Weichai silent diesel generator 15KW


<br />Product Description<br /><br />15KW diesel generator set silent<br /><br />Model: GF-W 15KW silent type<br /><br />Power through the engine Weichai<br /><br />The continuation of power 50HZ: 15kw18.5kva<br /><br />Engine model: 495D<br /><br />Engine Power 50HZ: 26.5kw<br /><br />Speed: 1500rpm<br /><br />Specifications Engine: 4-cylinder. 4 - strokes<br /><br />Speed control system: mechanical speed control<br /><br />Model begins with: 12v start of direct current<br /><br />Engine filter system: Dry type air filter, fuel filters, lube filter.<br /><br />Specific fuel consumption: less than243.4gkw. H<br /><br />Lubricating oil consumption: less than1.2gkw. H<br /><br />Model generator: 15KW brush 15kwBrushless<br /><br />Power generator: 15kw18.5kva<br /><br />Rated voltage frequency: 380V220V 50HZ<br /><br />Strengths: 0.8Lag<br /><br />Stage: 3-phase and Line 4<br /><br />Dimension: 1800 950 1000 with fuel tank base<br /><br />Weight: 780kgs

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