Polyurethane Adhesive


<br />Our company specializes in the supply of polyurethane glue, we provide superior products and best services at competitive prices.<br /><br />Description:<br />Bo Glue: glue one component<br />Found Jing Jiang a particular city Adhesive Co., Ltd. in 1988, we have 23 years of experience in the manufacture of adhesives specific, especially for polyurethane glue. Linking the MPU-20 is able to meet the requirements of the degree of enhancing D4, compared Gorrila wood glue, and most of our customers think about us is the best. This glue has been awarded China National New Product Certificate in 1993.<br /><br />The MPU-20 can be the type of bonds of many products, such as sobriety steel, metals, wood, plastic, and reacts with moisture from the bonds quickly.<br /><br />1 bonds stronger, faster for wood to wood applications<br />2 complete projects faster requires only 20-30 minutes from the time of the clip and is cured completely within 24 hours<br />3 the use of indoor or outdoor and a tilde A, water resistant<br />4 a good multi-use vehicles for use in hard and soft, and wood<br />5 Dires natural color additives do not use natural wood fibers for a line of natural looking bond.<br /><br />We look forward to building business relationships and long-term sincere with you.

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