Ceiling fan ventilation unable Ap600 - I


<br />Fan ventilated roof is applied the theory of heat between the wind and natural air to accelerate the flow of air, and the transfer of any parallel in my head and to improve the indoor hot air rises and cold air falls, which makes rotate.So fan is exhausted heat in enclosed spaces, and the smell of dust on effective manner. As a result, it improves the work environment, and protects the health of workers and enhance the work efficiency.<br />All fans adoption of the American UBC bearings, and lubrication free. All made of the support brackets, stainless steel, which is very good corrosion resistance ability.<br />Its important characteristics: the energy cost, maintenance free, and ventilation, strong, high sensitivity, noise, stable and permanent removal of moisture, and the fight against sweat and rain proof.<br />Model No.: 600 - I<br />The amount of Blades: 29pcs<br />Total height: 620mm<br />Turbine diameter: 720mm<br />Diameter ventilation: 600mm<br />Base plate dimension: 1000mm 750mm

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