Led light tube


<br />1, and the soft lighting and crisp, not blatant<br />2, age: 50 000 hours<br />3, and meet the requirements of CE and RoHS<br />4, the energy saving by 70 compared to traditional fluorescent tube<br />5, and Warranty: 2 years<br />Model number will include LED T8 tube-T8-600-120<br />Specifications D L: 26 600mm<br />LED type and quantity SMD 3528 and 120<br />Strength of the internal structure<br />Protection class IP40<br />10W of power<br />Voltage AC85-265V input<br />Frequency 5060HZ<br />Emitting color of the power factor White Warm White<br />White color temperature :5500-6500K; whilte :2800-3300K warm<br />Color index 70-85<br />White luminous Flux: 870Warm white: 720<br />Power factor 0.9<br />Beam angle of 120 degrees<br />Temperature -20-50 condition<br />Work moisture 95

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