200MM red green light under the leadership of the movement


<br />200MM 8 " Red Lens spider web traffic lights green vehicle<br /><br />Cobeweb lens makes the unity of the Movement and LED LED key light LED lampwick traffic just to look nice and bright but not dazzling through the secondary distribution of luminous intensity. In addition, the light beam will be broken up. And the failure of one of the lamps does not affect the overall performance. Our traffic unit LED LED key light LED lampwick movement passed the quality testing of products during the test center passage of the Ministry of Security and CE approvalof public and GB14887 2003 of the People's Republic of China. LED traffic signal lights that are up to standard or ITE Court are also available in light of the Chevy.<br /><br />Model Name: LED traffic light<br />Model No.: JD200 - 3 - 25 - 4A<br />Housing material: GE PC resistance to UV radiation<br />Working voltage: 1224VDC; 110220V AC, 80V 280V AC 50HZ60HZ<br />Life Span: 50 000 hours<br />Certificates: CE<br />MOQ: 10 pieces<br />Warranty: 24 months

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