Ip20 water is led 120pcs meter Smd3528 soft sector


<br />HS-3528XX120A-IP20 is a flexible copper industry 10MM. Available in lengths from 0.5meter to 5meters, it may be cut every centimeter 2.5. It uses 120pcs of LEDs per meter SMD3528 top and consumes only 6 watts per meter 12VDC.<br /><br />It is easy to install with 3M tape on the back of sitcky aid or may be secured with a screw in the footage installed system separately. He was working with the offer 15-100 watt 12VDC power and reverse the light is with the unit 0-12 volt dimming and standard wall dimmer 0-10 volts. IP20 rating for internal use only. Maximum length of 5 meters before recharge, and comes with a low voltage 10-15cm and feeding the end of the wire, standard roll 5 meters.<br /><br />Advantages:<br />1 Do not any coating on the tape is soft, and better heat dissipation<br />2 LED and a wide angel SMD used. The size of the valve is 3.5mmx2.8mm<br />3 Available colors: red, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white and cold. Etc.<br />4 Maintenace free, easy to install<br />5 low power consumption, high density<br />6 The General Company for Phosphate Available colors: amber, white and black,<br /><br />Specifications and features:<br />1 not to leak the tape LED Light IP20<br />2 full size LxW: 5000mmx10mm 300-LED<br />3 printed circuit board thickness: 0.2mm<br />4 Working voltage: 12V DC<br />5 Working current: 2A 5 meters<br />6 angle of view LED: 120 degrees<br />7 Packing: 5 meters Reel

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