Kx5100v --- hand-full digital ultrasound scanner veterinary


<br />Feature:. The size of a small, 6.4 "LCD Multi-frequency investigation is the maximum 9.0MHz Two of the language. English, Spanish two computers batteries: .. 3 hours PC selled well in Europe Net weight 1.5, and can be tied around your neck ports USB, and can transfer the image to the image of the computer and stored on a flash disk Optional car charger, goggles, allows you to scanner standard configuration anywhere: 1 main unit: 1PC 2 6.5MHZ rectum to achieve education and vocational training multi-frequency: 1PC 3 Power Adapter: 1PC 4 the internal lithium battery: 2 pieces 5 the case of metals: 1PC 6 base silica gel: 1PC 7 port USB: 1PC 8 Check the socket: Optional Specifications 1PC: 3.5MHz convex investigation 4.0MHz rectal linear probe 7.5MHz high frequency linear probe 5.0MHz micro convex probe programs of action charging station thermal printer car goggle

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