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Our UGG Boots Features: 1. Materil: made of Imported Australian Wool, Slick Color ,Smooth Feel,Warm and Ventilate, Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer. 2. Appearance: Smooth Surface, Soft Feel, Refined stitchwork. 3. Bottom: Speical UGG Sparkling Rubber Bottom, With " R" (The sign of Register ). 4. Care Label: Inner Mark with the Producing Area, Style, Name, No., Material ,Size . 5. Sign: Each Boots has the fancy Introduction Card 6. Package: The original Package 7. Color:All color available 8. Size:UK4,5,6,7; US6,7,8,9. 9: Price: Low, PayPal accept! we have three quanlity boots, Super A ,AAA+,AAA. different quality different price, the more you order the cheap price you get!

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