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<br />We supply CNC lathe machine, lathe machine, vertical and horizontal lathe machine, cutting machine, metal, and a vertical tower machine, cutting machine metal machine deck, cold press machine, steel shearing machine<br /><br />1 CNC horizontal lathe machine<br /><br />Centre Length: 465mm<br />Maximum swing over bed: 930mm<br />Maximum swing over carriage: 590mm<br />A maximum. Length of the part: 750mm<br />The maximum shift length saddle stroke: 600mm<br />View bed: 550mm<br />Number of steps of spindle speeds: 18 steps to change the manual<br />Range of spindle speeds: 13-1000rmin<br />Main motor power: 11KW<br />Quill diameter: 90mm strikes<br />Quill taper: MT5<br />Cross-sectional travel tailstock: - 15mm<br />X travel: 530mm<br />Z Travel: 600mm<br />The size of the tool bar: 32 32mm<br />GPS accuracy: X: 0.03mm Z: 0.04<br />Repeatablity: X: 0,012, Z: 0.016mm<br />Rotation: 0.01mm<br />Flatness: 0.025mm300 the length of the first part<br />ruoughness surface: Ra3.2<br />Standard CNC system: SIEMENS FANUC, or according to customer demand<br /><br />2 Vertical Lathe Machine<br /><br />A maximum. Mm diameter machining tool head 1600<br />A maximum. Mm diameter machining side 1400<br />A maximum. Height of work piece 1200 mm<br />A maximum. Weight of 5 tons metric piece of work<br />The size of the 2.7 m 2.8 3.6<br />Machine weight 12.7 metric tons<br /><br />3 CNC vertical lathe machine<br /><br />Machine tool model<br />Maximum machining diameter mm 4000<br />Worktalbe Diameter mm 3600<br />Maximum height machining mm 20002500<br />Max table load t 40<br />Main motor power kW 55<br />The moment of the table twisting Max 80 <br />Rotary table turning speed r min from 0.63 to 63<br />Ram.stroke mm 1250<br />Cut the amount of the framework of feed mm min from 0.1 to 500<br /><br />4 CNC lathe machine<br /><br />A maximum. Swing on the bed 360mm<br />A maximum. 180mm swing on the slide<br />A maximum. Length 500mm 700mm 1000mm job<br />Rapid feed axis X 3mmin step<br />Rapid feed axis Z 5mmin step<br />Number of spindle speeds 12<br />Range of spindle speeds 40-1800rmin<br />Download the 40mm spindle<br />Taper bore of the spindle MT No.5<br />Another tool 4 or 6 or gang tools<br />A set of strings 0.15 - 30.00mm<br />Size of the leg tool 20 20mm<br /><br />You can also send us your requirement and we will choose the right and the Ministry of Defence

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