3cr2mo P20 steel molds plastic


<br /> Application<br />High quality plastic molds<br /><br />And Steel, Tai Steel, Korea Steel, Wuhan Steel, Bao Steel, Han Steel, Sha Steel, etc..<br />3.Delivery condition<br />Hot rolling or forging, the black surface, prior to hardening or mitigation to 28 33HRC30 35HRC<br /><br />Through - hardening, machining capabilities and a good polishing the mirror, in the case of hardening, can be placed in the mold cavity used immediately after processing; suitable for surface water treatment and chrome plating, and can increase the hardness of the surface nitriding<br /> Analysis<br />C Mn Si Cr Mo S P<br />0.28 0.60 0.4 1.00 0.20 0.80 1.40 2.00 0.30 0.55 0.03 0.03 <br />6.Delivery<br />ACC. You have requested a standard bar of steel published<br />Non-standard steel bar published<br />Or mill to the condition, without publication or parts<br /> Degrees based on use<br />Chinese-American, German and Swedish-Japanese<br /><br />GB nerve AISI DIN JIS<br />3Cr2Mo P20 1.2311 618 PDSS

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