Cone Crusher


<br />We are a leading manufacturer of Crushing We deal with exports of products such as world famous cone crushers, crushing systems and equipment, concrete recycling, cone crushing machine. We also export these machines and smash all over the world.<br /><br />Brief Introduction<br />Special new design, simple structure and reasonable, and the proper functioning and stable and low operating cost.<br />Cone cast frame steel structure, and is enhanced points of high pressure stainless steel<br />Has been equipped each side of the wheel shaft with bearings. Base bearing the seal is used to prevent leakage of lubricating oil.<br />Hydraulic air-conditioners. Appropriate to adjust the size of the discharge opening.<br />Hydraulic release system consists of several hydraulic cylinders. Easy release of jammed materials.<br />Type the spring during pregnancy protection. This system allows the release of uncrushable material to pass through without causing damage.<br />The lubricating oil system full circle, including the oil pump, oil tank back up, the oil pipeline, and whether the oil temperature is more than high-or oil flows slowly, and can automatically shut down the device. This protection extends service life Alexarat

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