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sunglasses with high quality built-in digital music player, this stylish product allows you to listen to your favorite music while jogging or walking or gardening to do without the added inconvenience of wires, headsets or large MP3 players. Frames' is dead, black, fits those who are leading the connection lifestyles.USB in the open air: quickly and easily transfer songs from your computer to your sunglasses using the cable USB. Supports most file formats: The adoption of all popular audio file formats MP3, WMA or WAV by the player so there is no need to convert music files you already have on your time shipping computer.Short: This product requires only two hours recharge time and five hours of play again in the charge time, which means that you can enjoy music longer.Choose between 2GB or 4GB memory: 2GB will hold about 700 songs while the 4GB will hold about 1400 songs. Periodic speakers: Is the option of wearing your glasses without listening to digital music player through headphones rotation away from your ears. Specifications: relative PARAMETER TECHNOLOGY: Digital formats supported: Interface Supported MP3WAVWMAPC: USB2.0Mfr estimated battery life: 5 hoursBattery tape capacity: Bullt to vote for Lithium lon Polymer3.7V.150mAHMaximum Input power: 5VDC Earphone output power : 5mw Voice output frequency: 20Hz - 20KhzTHD: 0.05 Shipping Time: 2 runs: 30 - hoursNormally 35mA current signal to noise ratio: resistance 87.2dbEarphone: 16 Weight: 52gDimensions: 172 160 arm's length from 40mmExtended Earphonefixed: 14mmRotary degree crane fixed headset: 270 Rotary degree of earphone: 90 degrees

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