Detox foot bath with LCD screen and heating infrared belt


screen clear of HighlightsLCD readingAn way to remove toxins of Foreign Affairs, which removes toxins through feet; by the infiltration of ion, it can enhance the activity of the cells, improve metabolism, and active in the fermentation in the body , and accelerate the removal of toxins from the liver, reducing edema, rheumatism and arthritis; accelerating blood circulation and metabolism; stimulate brain cells and relieve stress and reduce fatigue, increase physical strength quantityInstaurate sleep, activate the spirit, and attention increase. . : 100 - 250V FeaturesVoltage used for the foot is included: 1 array; 2 correction; 1 belt, infrared heating, and how to use: 1. Plug in the power, range, and a wrist strap if in the device. 2. Put the array in the general wash filled with water, and placed on the wrist strap.3. Finally, turn on power.4. Set the conditions and time as you want.5. 30 minutes is the best time to act. After 30 minutes, and water color will change, it appears that it has completed detoxing.Note: 1. Do not touch power while your hand is wet, please safety.2 attention to the personal. Avoid hitting machine.3. Use a clean cloth to polish the dust on the surface of the device, and not to use any chemicals.4. Be gentle when pressing the keys to protect the device under normal use.5. Must be supported by the device with the handle while the device is working.

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