Injection molds forming pets


<br />Taizhou Huangyan Xuejun Mould Factory is a professional manufacturer of molds circuit, we have been devoting ourselves to the research and production of bottle, perform, cap mold to improve the years.With many strenuous and innovations, and it has become a famous enterprise in same line. We regularly produce PET perform molds blowing molds and cap molds for a variety of products from beverages, to medical devices, cosmetics, auto parts and household items. And well furnished Xuejun mold with production facilities and equipment, as well as many qualified staff, identification of the practice of a new technology at home and abroad in research and development mold, and make use of CAD CAM CAE high technology, summed up the group of how to manage specific, and used our workshop, digital control lathe, EDM, machine jig boring, and high-precision grinding machine in the formation of mold. High-precision machining and fast machining speed ensure high quality and long life, and short production molds preiod

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