Sell high pure tungsten 99.95 99.999


<br />Purity: 99, 99.9, Purity 99.95: 99.95, 99.999, 3N5, specifications 5N: powder, sheets, blocks, plates, wheel alloy powder: -1000 to 100 mesh, 1 micron block size minimum : 0.5 30mm alloy Size: 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm maximum panel size: 2000mm 5000mm maximum paper 20MM Size: 40mm 40mm Packaging 5mm: 1 a large bouquet 50 kg barrel, 25 kg barrel. 2 a small group 1kg bag, 5KG bag. 3 can also package with your requirements. Jcmaterials Global Services provides battery power packs, high pure materials, sputtering targets customers with solutions that maximize production and efficiency. Switch on a wider portfolio of services in industries with new growth opportunities in new materials. If you are interested in our products, please let us know the principles of human relations, and we look forward your inquiry and long business relationship. Thank you.

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