Cable socksSingle eye cable sock


Cable socks/Single eye cable sock Pulling grip&Support grip&Cable grip& Pulling grip&Mesh pulling-grips are used for pulling overhead or underground cable, for stringing service or communications lines into buildings, for pulling wire through conduit, and for general underground construction. Cable socks-Single eye cable sock- Pulling grip Pulling grips may be used for pulling bare or insulated wires, and wire rope. They install quickly and easily, and are designed to pass readily through ducts, conduit, blocks and sheaves. Pulling grips are reusable and do not damage the cable because pulling tension remains uniform along the length of the grip. The mesh will fit either a single cable, or a bundle of cables. pulling grips are woven of galvanized steel - strong and long lasting. There are three basic types of pulling grips, together with a choice of wire mesh types and lengths to meet a wide variety of pulling requirements: Snake Grips,Cable grip,Support grip- Cable grip No. Applicable diameter Rated load Length Scd-01 6-13mm 900 kg 300 mm Scd-02 12-19mm 1590 kg 550 mm Scd-03 19-25mm 2120 kg 600 mm Scd-04 25-38mm 2560 kg 700 mm Scd-05 7-12mm 300 kg 315 mm Scd-06 13-18mm 400 kg 365 mm Scd-07 18-24mm 600 kg 365 mm Scd-08 25-35mm 700 kg 465 mm Scd-09 35-48mm 1100 kg 535 mm Scd-010 49-60mm 2000 kg 715 mm Scd-011 60-75mm 2000 kg 830 mm Scd-012 75-90mm 2500 kg 930 mm Scd-013 90-115mm 2500 kg 1045 mm Scd-014 110-135mm 3000 kg 1170 mm Scd-015 130-150mm 3000 kg 1295 mm Single-head, double strand cable socks No. Applicable diameter Rated load Length Scs-01 10-20mm 1860 kg 600 mm Scs-02 20-30mm 2256 kg 600 mm Scs-03 30-40mm 3696 kg 600 mm Scs-04 40-50mm 5490 kg 600 mm Scs-05 50-65mm 5490 kg 600 mm Scs-06 65-80mm 7320 kg 600 mm Scs-07 80-95mm 7320 kg 600 mm Scs-08 95-110mm 10613 kg 900 mm Scs-09 12-16mm 800 kg 1300 mm Scs-010 16-20mm 1000 kg 1300 mm Scs-011 20-25mm 1200 kg 1300 mm Scs-012 25-37mm 2400 kg 1400 mm Scs-013 37-50mm 1600 kg 1400 mm Scs-014 50-60mm 1800 kg 2000 mm Scs-015 60-80mm 2000 kg 2000 mm Scs-016 80-100mm 2500 kg 2000 mm Scs-017 100-120mm 3000 kg 2000 mm

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