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<br />Specifications:<br />Also called a flexible FIBC bag shipping container bag or ton jumbo bag, bulk bag, with moisture-proof, dust-proof.<br />A flexible bag container shipping is the application of PP fiber layster to weave, which can be used widely in the field of chemistry, cement, food, metals and other types of granular, powder and packaging bulk, and would be the ideal product in transport, storage and other also called ton bag, jumbo bag, big bag size., with a moisture proof and dust proof, and resistant to radiation.<br />Bags, FIBC bulk bags jumbo bags PP woven bags bulk<br />Material: polypropylene polyethylene<br />Model: U-panelpanelcircle confused with the optional<br />Fabric: Lamination<br />Breathing<br />Anti-static<br />Conductor<br />UV stabilization<br />Transparent and colored<br />Enhancements is available<br />Top: open spout duffle cone<br />Bottom: flat spout duffle cone<br />Lining: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, HMHD<br />Raise the seminar: 1248 belt<br />Sewing: Normal chain chain lock with optional sift<br />Print: 1 up to 3 colors 1 up to 4 sides<br />Safe working load: 1000kg 2000kg<br />The safety factor: 05:01 or 06:01<br />Accessories: Lock Cord<br />Close bag and label<br />Of interest, please do not hestitate to contact me.

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