1L bottle aluminum oil


<br />Name: Basic plastic smell of the oil for food aluminum capacity Bottle Size: 1000ml: 88 223 technical processing: cleaning tank treatment Accessories: With the ingredients, cover use: can be used for cosmetics, perfumes, oils and chemical raw materials, diesel fuel, additives for oil and fine chemicals and other of packaging aluminum cans bottles, packaging and packing bottle aluminum, pharmaceutical bottles, aluminum bottles, aluminum, and essential oils bottle aluminum and plastic bottle aluminum for food, metal bottles, aluminum s mouth, and aluminum cans port directly, aluminum bottle manufacturers cans and sales of aluminum cans bottle , a bottle of aluminum production, factory aluminum bottle, aluminum plant, aluminum plant manufacturing a bottle in a factory aluminum Shanghai bottle of aluminum cans and oil bottles, aluminum screw bottle aluminum, flavors bottle aluminum, perfumes, and fine chemicals raw aluminum bottle bottle aluminum and chemical industries bottle aluminum, aluminum and a bottle of diesel fuel, and metal containers bottles aluminum ore, aluminum cans, bottles and packaging of liquid contents of the aluminum case, aluminum and metal cans and metal cans,

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