Welding machine


<br />Inverter welding machine<br /><br />Product Features<br />1. Reduced advanced inverter technology, high-paced action, size, weight, and easy carry.2. HF arc start to increase pressure and pulse arc start design thermal performance and excellent arc starting, welding and ample current, super cost performance ratio.3. Unique design protection through pressure, and you will reach the voltage 380V does not hurt machine.4. Unique design characteristics of production, more suitable for wire welding filter, welding Excellent appearance.5. A wide range of work effort and a strong ability to adapt to the electricity network, high duty cycle, more suitable for factory continuous operation.6. Simple structure, good process, reliable and durable, and easy maintenance.<br />The main technique parameter table<br />Inputpower frequency voltage V: AC380 single phase 10, 5060 Weight kg: 38<br />Do not load voltage V: 55 Protection: IP21S<br />Set the current output A: 10-400 welding thickness mm: 0.5 to 20<br />Rated output voltage V: 26 degrees of separation: F<br />Duty cycle : 60 Efficiency : 85<br />No-load loss W: 100 Dimensions mm: 562 303 467<br />Power factor COS: 0.93

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