Hollow of the custome silicone bracelet personalized rubber bracelet


<br />Hollow silicone bracelet bracelet tattoo Hollow Bollinger Bollinger tattoo silicone bracelet silicone wristbands bracelets kids ladies bracelet Hollow bandz Hollow rubber silly bandz<br /><br /><br />MOQ: 10pcs 36 designs 360pcslot<br /><br />And can be mixed with all the designs we have 36<br /><br />Form<br /><br />1, Material: 100 silicone food grade, safe and environmental protection<br /><br />180mm 150mm for children, for girls, 190mm for men: 2, size.<br /><br />3, width: 20 - 35mm<br /><br />4, thickness: 2mm<br /><br />5, and shape: aleatoric design all styles<br /><br />6, Color: all colors, Pantone color reference<br /><br />7 and impact: Glow in the dark glitter mixed color change colors Energy <br /><br />Feature<br /><br />1. Never, never out of shape fade and be of good appearance.<br /><br />2. And approved the waste, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and friendly to your body.<br /><br />3. Multicolor<br /><br />4. Great fashion and modern elegance<br /><br />5. Soft and flexible, and excellent abrasion resistance.<br /><br />6. Non-stick finish, water-proof and excellent, and flexible design to feel comfortable<br /><br />Return to its original form when taking them off the item holding or off your wrist<br /><br />Can be manufactured 8.All topics silly band in the smell and glowing in the dark.<br /><br />The allocation of support<br /><br />Support OEM, allow us to welcome your design, we can make according to that<br /><br />Use<br /><br />1. Hair or bracelets<br /><br />2. Linked to something in everyday life<br /><br />3. Gift for children and adolescents<br /><br />4. Picture puzzle game for children<br /><br />5. Decoration of the party<br /><br />6. Groups habit<br /><br />7. The best promotional gift to suit

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