Carbon fiber quartz heater


<br />InpuQuartz carbon fiber heating tube<br />1. Highlights:<br />- FIR therapeutic function<br />Energy - electricity - heat conversion rate of 98<br />- Environmental protection and safety, the dim light, no UV radiation<br />- 8 above, 000 hour service life<br /><br />2. Technical parameters:<br />- Voltage: 100,110,120,220,230,240 V<br />- Power :50-10, 000W<br />- Hz 50 - 60 Hz<br />- Saving rate: 30<br />- Infrared normal direction radiant ratio of more than 94<br />- Electric conversion rate: more than 98<br />- Working temperature: less than 1800C<br />- The maximum heating temperature endured: 1100C<br />- Color temperature: 700 - 1500C<br />- Surface temperature: 500 - 900C<br />- Continuous service: More than 800,000 H<br /><br />3. Application areas:<br />- Health and heating equipment<br />- Drying Equipment<br />- Cooking Equipment<br />- Medical Equipment<br />- Fry and baking equipment<br />- Installation of brewing fermentation<br />- Sterilization equipment<br /><br />We can also design and production of carbon fiber heating tube, according to the needs of customers, operating voltage, power, size, length, etc.<br /><br />Write for more information and prices.<br /><br /><br />Properties: Energy saving CFQEH maintained at a nominal operating power supply and can not produce large instantaneous power, switch on and off, so it has energy-saving advantages of heating uniformity, rapid heating of the reaction and 98 of the electric heating transfer ratio carbon fiber.<br />Application:

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