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We are a Chinese textile supplier of Wuxi city Jiangsu province China. It is about two hours distance from Shanghai city by train. At the present, we mainly supply the following fabrics: 1) T/C printed and dyed fabric (such as) 45x45 88x64 44/45; 58/60 45x45 110x76 44/45; 58/60 45x45 133x72 58/60 2) cotton printed and dyed fabric (such as) 30x30 68x68 58/60 40x40 133x72 58/60 3)spandex fabrics (such as) 40x40+40D 133x72 50/52 50x50+40D 133x72 48/50 16x16+70D 118x40 50/52 20x16+70D 136x52 50/52 21x21+70D 154x52 48/50 4)eyelet embroidery fabrics (such as) T/C 45X45 88X64 all over eyelet embroidery T/C one side border embroidery T/C one tone, two tones, three tones embroidery. Various fabrics Multi-color embroidery Chiffon and Georgette eyelet embroidery Chemical lace Spandex lace Linen series embroidery fabrics Polyester Organza and mesh embroidery Eyelet lace. 5)rayon or rayon/cotton 30x30 68x68 hawaii printed fabrics 6)linen series fabrics (such as) linen/rayon 10x10 44x38 printed and dyed linen/cotton 11x11 51x47 printed and dyed pure linen 14x14 54x54 If you are interested in,please give me email. Thanks,Andy Rctex Jianghai Building,Wuxi City,Jiangsu China 214000 Tel: 86-510-66880888 Fax:86-510-88226544 rcfex (at) pub.wx.jsinfo.net

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