After the switch for lights and fan


<br />"<br /><br />Applications:<br />Can be used 1 This remote control system in any home, office, restaurants, shops, conference rooms and seminar, and the other for control of the hospitals ON OFF the lights and fan from a distance of up to 30 feet 10 the multilateral trading system.<br />2 can be used after this one to control the ON OFF operation of 3 lights and fan 1. The fan speed can be increased or even decreased in 10 steps.<br />Advantages:<br /><br />1 system saves wiring and switches unnecessary replacement cost method 2.<br />2 Spark less and contact less switching keys of life increases.<br />30Prevents children from the risk of electric shock and short circuit.<br />4 It is a boon for people with physical disabilities.<br />Ideal for bedridden patients and the elderly.<br />Features<br /><br />1 distance remote operation up to the multilateral trading system, ft 1030.<br />It can also 2 fan speed can be controlled remotely using the same.<br />3 Adoption of the switch ON OFF all the lights and fan on the spot.<br />4 Spark less switching increases switches life.<br />5 prevents us from the risk of electric shock and short circuit.<br />6 No change is required during the installation of our unity.<br />7 is ideal for 3 lights and fan 1.<br />8 easy installation<br />Quality control standards<br /><br />1 Power Supply: 230 volts, AC, 50 Hz<br />2 reduction of electric power: 150 watts maximum for each point<br />3 Source Input Power: phase and neutral switch within the Council.<br />4 Control light Total points: 3 points on off<br />5 Monitoring the Total Points: 1 point of excellence as Dimmer<br />6 fan speed control: or - 12 steps<br />7 Status of appeal level: Off<br />8 stop time: instantaneous<br />9-volt remote operation: 3 V DC 2 AA-size batteries x, is excluded<br />10. Inverter compatible - do not<br />11. Memory - do not<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />"

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