Aluminum ribbon microphone for loudspeaker driver


<br />Aluminum ribbon loudspeaker speaker driver<br />Strong Neodymium magnet<br />3-inch sandwich veil of forced<br />Construction in the transformer impedance<br /><br />Sensitivity 93dB1m2.83v<br />Dealing with nominal power 17W, 40W Max<br />Frequency range 1, 400-40, 000Hz<br />7 Ohms nominal impedance<br />DCR 0.02 ohm<br />Tape dimension 8mmX60mmX0.015mm<br />Effective area of the tape 480 mm square<br />Weight of 18 milligrams tape<br />The gap flow of 0.6 Telsa average<br />3 mm gap increased<br />Recommend to reduce the frequency of 3.000Hz with the system - 3<br />Net.Weight 650 grams

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