The appointment of a full crew with 3 pistols tattoo of LCD super professional design


highlight: three computers from the top of professional tattoo machine for lining and shading. Bright color, good looks and super design.One great quality power supply work under 110240V, output: 15V DC max. What in your tattoo kits Guns3 Q highest professional tattoo machine for lining and shading. Power supply1 X superpower provide quality LCD working under the 110 240V, output: 15V DC max. Q holds Case1 great quality black carry case with locking case and keysCarrying Size: 31 24 11.5 cm X 15ml Ink8 tattoo ink tattoo needles50 high quality made by the needles sterile tattoo 5 35 RL needle tattoo needle RL 55 tattoo needle Tattoo RL 75 95 RL needle tattoo needle tattoo RS 55 75 RS needle tattoo needle tattoo RS 95 55 M1 needle tattoo needle M1 75 tattoo needle M1 Tips8 9 x the tip of the steel of different sizes openings 20 Q tip available slots. Grips2 SS alloy colored grip1 other than stainless steel grip 5 brush to clean 1 A & D ointment each package is a package foil 5 grams 1 oo ink set tool1 cup holder100 oo ink cup1 skin practice of tattooing and paper 1 1 X printing paper1 switch1 foot cord section Q

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