GM-310 Three Roller Cotton Waste Recycling Machine


GM-310 Three Roller Cotton Waste Recycling Machine The machine is manufactured adopting domestic advanced experiences and features of cotton processing equipment, which is characterized on reasonable structure, convenient operation, good effect of dust-removing and safe production etc. It meets the need of good quality, high efficiency and low consumers. The machine removes impurities in the cotton using mechanical centrifugal force emerged by high speed revolving of barbed rollers and loosens cotton, then presses to flakes. It can be used to processing ginned cotton, old quilt wadding, short floss, broken unginned cotton, waste yarn, cloth leftover and flax etc, With the function of dust removing and health keeping. Main Technical Parameter: Output: 100-120kg/h: Barbed rollers diameter: 250mm; Revolving speed of rollers: 1900r/hfor the first, 2000 r/h for the second and third; Fan: 2800r/h equipped with 1.1 kw motor; Motor: 7.5 kw of Y132M-4 For the first, 5.5 kw of Y132M-4 for the second and third; Outside dimension: (L*W*H, mm) 3950*1720*1160 Weight: 1600kg or so

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