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<br />We are suppliers of every kind of tool we have the vehicle for a wide range of tool bag, Tool Sets, Tool bags, tool bag in the car is very competitive Prices.Please contact us for more details.<br /><br />Tool set bag FIT-551 -<br /><br />Details:<br /><br />You can choose from the following parts:<br /><br />Rowing rope capacity: 2 tons<br />Compressor<br />Booster cables, current: 400AMP<br />L-type key wheel: 12 "<br />Jack: 1719mm 2123mm<br />Torch Battery: 2xD<br />Screw drivers<br />Gloves<br />Insulation tape<br />Long nose pliers<br />Raincoat<br />The art of knife<br />Test pressure of the pen<br />Warning Plate<br />Tool bag<br /><br />Regards,<br />

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