Suede making hair dolls


It is always best to make the hair last of all, otherwise it gets in the way when the clothes are being attached to the doll.rn1.Wind the yarn to a length of 25.5 cm 10 inches and a width of 18 cm7 inches, as explained on page 26. Tie the loops at one end, fairly tightly, with a length of the same yarn; we will call this the knot. Cut the loops at the other end, and spread the yarn out, double-fan shape from the knot outward Figure 8.rnrn2.Place the knot centrally on top of the head, and stitch it firmly in position. Spread the rest of the hair to the front, sides and back of the head, leaving no areas empty, and then backstitch it to the head along the hairline and the back neck.rn3 Sweep the front hair towards the back and bring the hair and the sides upward to make a ponytail. Do not pull tightly over the forehead, on the contrary, leave it slightly loose for a better shape. Tie the ponytail first with a length of the same yarn Figure 10 and then wrap the remaining 6l cm24 inches of red ribbon around it, and make a bow. Arrange the hair to look attractive, and trim any yarn ends that may be sticking out.rnrn

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