Bigmt Pickip SUV Assembly Line


<br />For the preparation of pickup and SUV assembly plant in place after the local and advanges:<br /><br />1 and shipping tariff shipping providers<br /><br />And tariffs and shipping charges be less than that by importing the code from the CBU<br /><br />2 the development of the domestic auto industry<br /><br />In fact, we will provide you the technology yet to be set assembly plant up, and staff training to acquire nuclear technology from the automotive assembly, so you can be collected by yourself, and when putting this project, and will also manufacture other relevant generate your <br /><br />3 low investment at the beginning of<br /><br />For our project, you only need to invest in small cap, and the development step by step with profit<br /><br />4 assembly line and one for three models of cars<br /><br />Usually, one can compile the assembly line and only one model of the car, but we have the assembly line that can bring three examples of similar compounds: one pickup cabin, double cabin pickups, and SUVs<br /><br />5 we have a lot of expertise in this area do, and succeeded in Syria, Ghana, Costa Rica

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