Nylon anchor installation frame


<br />1.Name of Commdity: Nylon frame anchor installation 2.Material: They are made of nylon material, durable and well designed to hold items firmly on the head of the screw is wall.The countersunk head.The screw and steel and yellow zinc plated.The length of the screw is made standard.The components of gray nylon. 3.We have different specifications for your reference. 4.We can change the materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, only to meet your specific needs, as in color, it is also possible by request. 5.MOQ: 50000 pcs. Details 6.Package: pacakage procedure is in a small box, located outside export carton, and the key point is that we can meet all the demands of our customers. Features: Our principle is customer comes first, and we will make every effort to meet all your requests, only to cause your ones.Of specific, and can be adjusted all the details.

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