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Boat430<br />Boat ribs, boat semisolid, boat framing, boat shipping, boat life, boat rescue, motor boat, PVC boat, sports boat, boat race, Safty boat, boat family, and a rubber boat, boat power, and tenders for inflatable boat , ski boat, kiff, boats, rubber boats and pleasure boats, and the raft, boat charter, boat chairs comfortable, Rover, the surface of the family boat, sailing, Sea Doo personal craft, outboard and, after a boat, boat, ribcraft<br />Specification<br />Luxury model LY430<br />The entire length of 430cm 14A 1A <br />View full 196cm 6A 5A <br />48cm diameter pipe 1A 7A <br />Hull length 370cm 12A 6A <br />Structure of 136cm width 4A 6A <br />Hull weight 175kg<br />70L fuel tank<br />Engine 20-inch column<br />No room air 4<br />Max 7 passengers<br />Recommends HP 40HP<br />Max HP 51HP<br />Max load 880kg<br />200 degree V shape<br />Maximum speed 30kts<br />Net weight 195kg<br />612pcs container Qty2040

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