The supply of microwave communications towers


<br />Equipment and telecommunications, traditional, is contained in the application of microwave communication towers and broad, unified design, matured technology.The microwave communication towers manufactured by Huawo that have been exported to many countries, such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.. It should do the production of goods and fees and requirements for each provided by the buyer. Always, and propose to use the standard national Chinese-related and tied Chinese raw materials. Specifications: 1 pipe legs three four support 2 contact tip 3 high quality hot dip galvanizing ISO 9001 certificate key competitive advantages: 1. Packing 2. Price 3. Quality approvals 4. Service 5. Accept small orders 6 7 Details Product Features Packaging Materials Performance: .. It is according to your request. Aozak are our lips should be wrapped panel feltcloth contact with the pad and a large main pipes must first be wrapped with plastic film, and the second coat will be the straw mat and a rope of straw with iron wire connection. And lips should be wrapped with other parts feltcloth or extrusion, rubber and iron wire installed. To small pieces, and can also be a single package. Should be fixed and packaging material is required and a pillow between the packages to prevent the collision. The price is only for reference, it can be to get the details.

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