Aluminum sulfate


<br />Description: pungent Al2 SO4 3 pungent often as flocculant to purify drinking water and wastewater treatment equipment, and also used in the manufacture of paper. Natural conditions, salt, water and aluminum are barely there. It will form a series of hydrates, including water, 16 of alumina is the most common. Alumina is also very effective molluscs pesticides, and insects can be killed molluscs nose Spanish. Used for the purification of water in the area of textiles, printing, and alumina and medium enterprises. In the process of water purification, and that makes it freeze impurities, sedimentation and filtration more easily. When dissolved in water, many of the neutrophil alkaline or that arise when small colloidal aluminum hydroxide precipitation, Inc. OH 3. In printing and dyeing cloth, and aluminum hydroxide colloid dyes made more easily attached to the fibers before everything else. Alumina is also used to adjust the pH value of the soil, they also generate aqueous aluminum hydroxide produced a small number of diluted sulfuric acid solution.

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