Without oil, the air generator for atomic adsorption spectrum or high purity ---


<br />Without oil, air generators cute or atomic adsorption purity --- high pressure and stable model: QL-10204050 1. Product Introduction: QL series generator air supply fresh air without oil and dusty. An idea to match the equipment with equipment that need to be between the air flow rate 20Lmin and 50Lmin, 0 - 0.4MPa pressure with less water. QL air generator using a series of forced down system temperature control. Inside the compressor is working non-stop. This equipment can produce very pure air, without dust, and oil under any circumstances. And can modify the flow of production and pressure. This is the source of the idea of the air supply. Provide advice to match the private and atomic absorption analysis of the spectrum. 2. Technology parameter type QL-20 QL-40-50 QL production volume liters min 0-20 0-40 pressure caused 0-50 MPA 0-0,4 energy inputs 0-0,7 W 350 380 1000 power voltage V 220 V 10 50-60HZ Dimension L W H mm 400 300 710 480 310 650 Weight kg 34 36 50

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