Wkea-9000s wireless ECG stress systems


<br />WKEA-9000S Wireless Stress ECG Systems 1. 12 leads ECG cable for data collection and analysis at one time. The QRS waveform can be distinguished by a high precision. Can not cardiograph during sampling printedout be on the line. And industry electric wave jamming. 6. Of the machine can not rely on both standard and scheme process user-defined chart the process, print mode and instant party measure blood pressure. 7. Operator can mark events during exercise, and can compare this event marked cardiograph waveform with the current waveform, this event can be seen, edited and printed. 8. Served with several types of display and print the graph direction. They include human resources, and BP, METS, HR BP, exercise trend, ST segment levelinfluenceslope3DJ level and ST HR and other types provided the direction of the graph as follows: A line graph, drawing graphic column, Trapezia chart and graph network, etc. 9. Is provided a vital function retroactively after exercise test that can replay the whole process. Through repetition, and speed can be adjusted, such as speed and pause, slow down and jump. 10. With the function of constant review, the user can search for the ECG waveform at any time, and modify the attribute of complex QRS. 11. Function is to provide a strong case management, including advanced search archives, and the replacement of state information, delete archives, and update records, etc. 12. Are privided function "the issue of import export." Pressure cases are exported, which deplete the less disk space. These cases are associated with the compressed file type of operating system. This design makes the import process much more simple and fast. 13. Function "system settings" includes several items setup. For example, switch Chinese English language, format and presentation of the waveform 12 lead 1screen 6leads 2screens yarn 3 2 screens 3 1 lead screen, etc., and the background color and set up a network printing, filter status, and display parameters optional, and so on 14. System has a friendly interface, and can preseted information according to multiple users operating normally, including: IME, hints, and doctors information. And will be saved as the latest setup and automatic Saved Settings "preferred operator", and then can restore the settings to start the next time. 15. And provides many useful tools, which are used for equipment management, and management of information history and some other processes. 16. And wireless data collection equipment cardiograph improve the ability of anti-jamming. The system is compatible with wired data cardiograph. 2. Log data and savewhole cardiograph course at one time. 3. It may be noted the change in the ST segment in the context of the collection. The lead, which can amplify choses the operator, and a piece of data can be calculated automatically ST. 4. Create original and adopted advanced technology antijamming screen waveform, which makes the screen more accurate waveform, the details of much more cardiograph ejaculation. 5. And adopted the anti-jamming technology to ensure the stability of the foundation, and reduce the impact of the cardiograph of confusion myoelectric, stroll the baseline,

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