Wrote Rotary Offset Printing Ink


<br />Journal of rotary phone book compensation ink printing, high grades, medium and low three, non-thermal products, printing ink, and the product is a good choice of raw materials through advanced production technology, and product quality to international standards, and printing and, as well as other magazines magazine, and books school, and can therefore be ideal for printing ink.<br />Use of the product:<br />To be applied to products from the eight rotary printing trapping, printing paper and other non-coated paper, printing, thin phone, periodicals, magazines, textbooks and so on.<br />Features:<br />1.Product of low-aromatic, does not lead, cadmium, chromium and other harmful metals.<br />2.With fast forward speed, and high-speed printing to meet demand up to 30000-40 h 000.<br /> Kind of raw materials used in the manufacture of printed materials is difficult to pull dirty.<br />4.Bright color, high-concentration, and print media and clear.<br />Adapt excellent, good transport system.<br />Note:<br />1. IR: 400 1 minute 32 C.<br />2.SR: in parallel with the viscometer plate 0.5ml and 60 seconds to expand the radius mm.<br />: QXP meter small scraper.<br />Life 4.Shelf: three-year shelf life products.

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