X431 Diagun


<br />X-431 Diagun is a tool designed specifically for the diagnosis of auto main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, and fast, convenient, and global links, and make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 Diagun is standard equipment for technicians.<br /><br />Product character<br />1. Agreement the main unit, and standard equipment for technicians<br />2. Can not be the only diagnostic tool for working on cars at the same time<br />3. Bluetooth, Infrared, and wireless connectivity. 100 meters, Bluetooth communications, cable communications support<br />4. Global 16PIN connector<br />5. Fully inherited diagnostic functions from the 431-X. Unable to almost all makes of vehicles and makes the local European, Asian, American vehicle.<br />6. Much improved speed of operation of the program<br />7. More convenient software update<br />8. 4.3 inch high luminance, high color touch screen resolution<br />9. The device's battery 1530mAh rechargeable<br />10. 1G memory card<br />11. Standard USB connector to the printer, the printer of external support<br />12. Full after sales service system, and the life time of service 1-1<br /><br />Product OS: WIN CE 5.0<br /><br />Parameter<br />CPU: 400 MHz ARM9<br />Memory Card: 1G TF<br />Main Unit: Universal Serial Bus USB<br />The most important strength of the unit: DC5V<br />Printer Interface: USB<br />Display Screen: 480X272, and 4.3-inch LCD with a touch<br />Rechargeable Battery: 1530 mAh<br />Bluetooth: 100M in theory, in fact 15-20M<br />Interface: USB<br />Product data<br /><br />Questions and answers:<br />Q: What is the point of X431 Diagun<br />A: The main unit of Diagun X431 is like the small screen , and multip language.<br />Q: How to update this product<br />C: X431 Diagun is the update via the Internet, the official site of the X431.

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