Yellow onion


<br />Onion is one of the main vegetables were distributed widely in the areas of Agriculture Home areShandong County, Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia Hao large onion food can kill bacteria ten make the body from disease kiip , can Onions stimulate PEO; pounds in a good appetite and beneficial for the digestion of foods, onions contain calcium that can make ebone tenth more also can click on people low in the blood and fat in the blood, onion is good for specolly patient has of sugar diabetes, asthma, onions ialxo contains selenium, which can make people stay away from can make people stay away from cancer.<br /><br />1.Varieties: red onion, onion, yellow and white onion<br />2.Sizes: 3cm 5cm, 5cm 7cm, 7cm 9cm, 9cm and up<br />3.Availabiluty: May to February next<br />4.Package: 10kg, 20kg or 30 in the sack Eyes

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