Yt255 thick sewing machines


<br />Is featured YT255 Lockstitch service the top and bottom of the suture materials are large and bulky with most singleneedle, link take-up lever, high precision and driver screwygear large periodic hook.Besides capabilities possessed by the normal upper and lower feed sewing machine, the largest strongpoint is that it can not work smoothlyon heavy materials and sewing thick sewing thread, given the structure of a special service of the Supreme.<br />This series is suitable for sewing in boxes, bags, and employment and leather, sofa, etc. mat tent.<br />Specifications<br /><br />Parameters 2B 2BL20<br />Max.sewing speed <br />Max.stitch length of 14mm<br />Presser foot lift 15mm high cut on the one hand, and cut 15mm above with the pedal<br />Altemate domain presser foot 4mm-6MM<br />Presser foot of sync with the feed dog Max stroke of not less than 14mm<br />Roating Hawk Hawk roating a very large<br />Needle DDx124 -27<br />Type of lubrication softening hand<br />0.5kw electric power only for the sewing machine

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