Z304014 i radial drilling machine


<br /> transmission systems<br /> Hydraulic clamping<br /> speed mechanical<br /> automatic take-off and<br />Drop<br /> automatic feeding<br /><br />SPECIFICATIONGS Z3040 14 I<br />Max.drilling Dia mm 40<br />Distance between spindle axis and the surface of a column mm 480-1495<br />Headstock level migration distance mm 1015<br />Under the main focus is away from the surface to the end of the basic skills of the left side mm 250-960<br />Rocking shaft breathing height mm 710<br />Rocking shaft speed rises and falls mm m 1.32<br />Rock angle rotor 180 <br />Cone mandrel 4 <br />Spinde speed range R mm 40-1896<br />Spinde speed step 12 <br />Spinde group feeding mm y from 0.13 to 0.54<br />Spinde feeding step 4 <br />Spindle travel mm 270<br />Maximum torque N 200<br />Maximum resistance of the spindle N 10000<br />Spindle motor power 2.2<br />N.W G.W kg 2200<br />Contour machine size 2053 820 2483

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