Zdts series of dry linear vibrating screen


<br />ZDTS series of dry linear vibrating screen 1. Series of products ZDTS Introduction dry linear vibrating screen is a kind of vibrational classifer equipment designed specifically for desliming, demedium, and drought. And is used widely in the process of classification and dry granules and recycling of sludge and impurities. 2. Working principle a our products based motors and dual power supply: is installed in parallel with the dual vibration that, when run at the same time, the centrifugal force produced by the two sets of eccentric mass. And identical centrifugal force along the direction of vibration, otherwise it is offseted. And thus constitute one force along the centrifuge direction of vibration, which makes the screen box affectation linear motion reciprocating b of our products depends rocking lip as power supply: The motors, which spin simultaneously and reversely and produce centrifugal force by the two sets of eccentric mass. This makes the body of the Journal of the screen if, back and forth along the direction of moving in a straight line, which is for the purpose of drought. Is connected by screws under the screen high-density, so the structure is stable and durable. 3. The scope of application of a series of dry ZDTS It is mainly used linear vibrating screen in metal mines, coal, electric power, chemical industry, especially in the metals industry.

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