Zysr65a three lobes roots blower


<br />ZYSR three lobes roots blower<br />ZYSR three lobes roots blower with roots blower vents advanced spiral technology and internal backflow, enter the cabinet vents cut into the 20 degrees above the spiral constant, and not the old bellows to open and close immediately. Therefore, the sound of running low, and could almost do not test pulse.<br />ZYSR serious features three lobes roots blower:<br />1, and forced inhale characteristics, that is, small changes in flow rate when the pressure is changing.<br />2, with changes to the adjustment in accordance with the control system itself.<br />3, the transport medium is clean and free of oil and other impurities, it will not cause pollution.<br />4, The Roots blower is a serious variety, and flow and pressure to have a wide range of sub-files, and is also used widely.<br />Main specifications of three lobes roots type blower<br />Bear :50-200A Air capacity :0.8-122 .6m3min<br />Pressure :0.1-0 .8kgfcm2 Engine power: 0.75-to 300kw<br />Standard Accessoris<br />A common base<br />V-belt cover<br />Blower pulley, motor pulley, V-belt<br />Suction silencer with air filter<br />Safety valve<br />Pressure gauge<br />Lubricating oil<br />Anchor bolt

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